P12 Pro Max Mirror Dash Cam, 4K+2.5K Front and Rear Cameras, Night Vision, Voice Control


  • 4K+2.5K Clarity & WDR: Our mirror dash cam combines a 4K UHD front camera and a waterproof 2.5K rear camera, offering superior front and rear view coverage for enhanced safety. Featuring advanced WDR technology, it effortlessly adjusts to changing light conditions, ensuring exceptional night vision from both angles.
  • 12″ IPS & Smart Touch Screen – Enjoy crystal-clear recordings day and night on the 12” IPS touchscreen with anti-glare treatment. It seamlessly conceals your original rearview mirror while providing a split-screen view for simultaneous front and rear dash camera display.
  • Seamless WiFi Connectivity: Effortlessly connect the rear view mirror camera to your smartphone using the dedicated “Pelsee Cam” app via 5G WiFi. You can enjoy real-time video previews, easy sharing, and convenient video downloads, playback, and editing. Stay connected and in control with just a few taps!
  • Effortless Voice Control: Control the rear view mirror dash camera effortlessly using your voice. With 9 voice commands, you can start or stop recording, capture still photos, and more, all without the need for manual adjustments while driving, ensuring a safer and more convenient journey.
  • Free 64GB Card & Loop Recording – Our rearview mirror camera comes with a free 64GB memory card and features loop recording, which automatically replaces older footage with new recordings. This ensures that you never miss a moment of your journey.
  • GPS-Enabled Dash Cam: Our dashcam features built-in GPS, recording vital data such as your driving route, real-time speed, and precise location. You can conveniently track it through the App or our dedicated DVPlayer, which serves as valuable additional evidence if an accident occurs.
  • 24-Hour Parking Monitor: Our rearview mirror dash cam provides continuous parking surveillance, safeguarding your vehicle day and night. It utilizes time-lapse recording to efficiently manage video storage and power consumption, enhancing security without additional costs. An additional ACC hardwire kit is required for this feature.
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p12 pro max mirror dash cam
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Customer Reviews

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Walter Yakubski
This Company Is A Joke

1. they send a usb-c power adaptor when the mirror is usb-mini...extra $30 to order the correct adaptor

2. they send me a damaged 256gb card thats looped in protected mode with someones elses data on it

3. Thier cable design is flawed as they do not use right-angle connectors, breaking a cable already by the mechanic while installing it

4. no response on their amazon board

5. this honest review will not get posted, wasting more of my time

Pag Arabella

Bought this as a gift for my boyfriend, and he was really happy with it. Setting it up was a bit tricky, especially with the memory card and rear camera, but we eventually figured it out.

Proof of Innocence

This dash cam saved me from a nightmare scenario. When another driver tried to blame me for rear-ending them, I was able to show the footage proving they slammed on their brakes suddenly. It's incredible how a small device can have such a big impact on protecting your innocence.

Easy Setup, Great Performance

Setting up this dash cam was a breeze! It's specifically designed to fit cars like mine with larger rearview mirrors, and it does so seamlessly. The wide-angle view of the front camera is a game-changer, and installation was a snap. The wires were long enough to tuck away neatly, and now I can drive with confidence knowing I have this reliable dash cam on board.

Miriam Trollpoe

The inclusion of its generous touchscreen, flawless WiFi connectivity, and complimentary 64GB memory card makes it an excellent pick for road journeys.