P10 Pro Mirror Dash Cam, 10” 4K Rear View Mirror Camera Smart Driving Assistant w/ADAS and BSD


  • Advanced Driver-Assistance System – ADAS assist drivers in driving and parking functions and increase car and road safety through voice alert. Including 5 ADAS alerts-Forward collision/Pedestrian collision/Lane departure/Headway monitoring/Forward movement
  • Intelligent BSD Algorithm – With the Blind Spot Detection (BSD) system, the rearview mirror camera can monitor the dangerous blind spot area and avoid hazardous situations. Sensors monitor the road area behind and next to your own vehicle and warn
  • Vivid 4K & Voice Control – Equipped with 4K UHD front camera and HDR technology, you will get clear and vivid pictures of everything happening on the road. The hands-free voice control helps you control this rear view mirror camera easier, then focus more in driving for safety
  • Free 32G TF CARD & GPS Tracking – Built-in GPS accurately records your driving location and route information, providing more detailed and reliable evidence in case of accidents. With a free 32G TF Card in the box, you could use the mirror dash camera directly without buying anything else
  • Safe Reversing & 24-hour Monitoring – With 150° wide-angle lens and 1080P backup camera, you can see the entire rear-view, helping you reverse the car into tight spots. Parking monitor enables the dash camera to start recording a locked video for about 20s once the G-sensor encounters a collision during parking
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What’s the Purpose of ADAS?

ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) use advanced technologies to assist the driver during driving, and thereby reduce the possibility of accidents.

Including 5 ADAS alerts:

FCW (Forward Collision Warning) – warn you of an impending collision by detecting stopped or slowly moved vehicles ahead of your vehicle

PCW (Pedestrian Collision Warning) – warn you of an imminent collision with a pedestrian or cyclist ahead of your vehicle, allowing you time to react

LDW (Lane Departure Warning) – help you avoid crashes due to drifting or departing your lane by detecting lane markers

HMW (Headway Monitoring Warning) – warn you of an unsafe distance by constantly monitoring the distance to the vehicle ahead

FMW (Forward Movement Warning) – constantly monitors the distance and speed of the vehicle ahead. If it is monitored to start, an alert is issued

4K UHD HDR Resolution

With its 150° Wide Angle Lens and starvis sensor, the mirror dash cam ensures super night vision video in clear details even during night time and a robust clearer image by the HDR feature, preventing overexposed(lighter image) or underexpose(darker image).

Reverse Assistance for Safe Parking

The dash cameras display screen will automatically show full rear view with parking guide lines when the car reverse gear is engaged. The rear camera is IP67 waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about the rear camera mounted on the license plate being damaged by rain.

Note: You need connect the red wire of the rear camera to the the positive pole of the reversing light for this function.

24-Hours Auto Parking Mode

Turn on the parking mode, the front and rear view dash camera will record the whole night in time-lapse while you are away. And if someone hits your car while the time-lapse parking mode is working, the dash camera will record 20s continuous locked video capturing every details.

Note: Please purchase additional hardwire kit for this function


With an external G-sensor, the rear view mirror dash camera can automatically detect a sudden collision and lock the 20s footage to prevent the video from being overwritten even in loop recording for later retrieval. The sensitivity of the G-sensor can be set as your need.

Loop Recording

The loop recording function makes the rear view mirror camera overwrite the oldest videos when the SD card is full, so the dash cam can achieve continues recording. Also, there’s built-in GPS, which are used to add location and speed data to all of your recordings. View your driving route and tracker on the dedicated GPS player(Included).

A free 32GB memory card is included in the package

Innovative USB Car Charger

Thanks to the Car Charger with extra USB port, you are ready to charge the rear view mirror dash camera and your own device simultaneously. We’ve taken the hassle out of occupying charging port, you can fully enjoy your trip.

Customer Reviews

Based on 844 reviews
Clara Marie Roberts
Almost Perfect, Backup Camera Wire Too Short

This mirror is nearly flawless, but one glaring issue is the length of the backup camera wire. It's far too short, making installation a challenge, especially for larger vehicles like my 1/2 ton truck. A few extra feet of wire would have made all the difference and ensured a smoother installation process.

Elmer Howell
Practical Upgrade for Older Vehicles

Installing this dash cam in my teenager's older car was a practical upgrade that greatly improved safety. While it doesn't offer the advanced features of modern vehicles, it's a worthwhile investment for enhancing visibility and awareness on the road. The exceptional support provided, particularly in swiftly replacing a defective camera, highlighted the company's dedication to customer satisfaction. I highly recommend this product to owners of older vehicles seeking to bolster safety.

Abel Dalton
Exceptional Quality and Ease

I'm thoroughly impressed with this dash cam! It offers top-notch features like GPS tracking and comes with a 32GB card to start recording right away. The video quality is superb, especially with the front camera capable of 4K resolution, complemented by the rear camera. Day or night, the footage remains clear and detailed. Installation was a cinch, and using it has been a delight!

Great Features, Short Cable

This dash cam offers great features, but I was disappointed to find that the camera cable is too short for my vehicle. It made installation a bit challenging, and I had to use an extension cable to make it work. Despite this inconvenience, the dash cam itself works wonderfully and provides clear recordings.

Lou Tuttle
Excellent Upgrade for Safety and Convenience

This dash cam has revolutionized my driving experience. I opted for an aftermarket attachment to avoid using the included straps, which made installation a breeze. Navigating the camera settings is incredibly intuitive, thanks to its user-friendly interface. The resolution is impressive, and the touch screen is highly responsive. Recently installed the backup camera, and it was a straightforward process. Overall, a fantastic addition to my car, enhancing both safety and convenience.