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In the rapidly evolving world of automotive technology, dash cams have become an indispensable tool for both novice and experienced drivers. These compact devices have witnessed countless breathtaking landscapes, recorded unexpected incidents on the road, and, more recently, become a guardian for your vehicle even when you’re not around. The key to this newfound capability lies in the 24-hour parking mode feature.

What is 24-Hour Parking Mode?

Imagine having the ability to monitor your car around the clock, capturing any activity or potential threats while it’s parked and you’re away. The 24-hour parking mode is a game-changer in the world of dash cams. When activated, this feature transforms your front and rear-view dash camera into a silent sentinel, recording the events around your vehicle during the night in time-lapse mode. Every Pelsee dash cam has the 24hr monitoring function but remember to grab a hardwire kit! Once installed, it adds an extra layer of protection to your vehicle.

How Does It Work?

Activating the parking mode is a simple yet powerful process. With a compatible dash cam and the additional purchase of a hardwire kit, you unlock the potential to record the entire night’s events. Once engaged, the dash cam captures footage in time-lapse, creating a condensed video that encompasses the entire night. This allows you to review a comprehensive overview of the surroundings without sifting through hours of footage.

An Unseen Guardian

The true beauty of the 24-hour parking mode emerges when unexpected incidents occur. If your vehicle is unfortunate enough to be struck while parked, the Pelsee dash camera instantly switches to a 20-second continuous locked video. This feature ensures that every crucial detail of the event is captured, providing valuable evidence for insurance claims or legal proceedings.

Why the Hardwire Kit?

To fully harness the power of the 24-hour parking mode, it’s essential to invest in a hardwire kit. This additional accessory allows the dash cam to draw power directly from the vehicle’s battery, ensuring uninterrupted surveillance without draining the car’s main power source. The hardwire kit not only enhances functionality but also offers a seamless and discreet installation, keeping your dash cam covertly integrated into your vehicle.

Benefits Beyond Security

While the primary purpose of the 24-hour parking mode is to enhance the security of your vehicle, it offers additional benefits as well. The time-lapse footage can be a captivating way to document scenic views during extended stops, creating a unique visual diary of your travels.


In the era of advanced automotive technology, the 24-hour parking mode has emerged as a must-have feature for dash cam enthusiasts. Beyond capturing the beauty of the open road, Pelsee dash cams now stand as silent guardians, protecting your vehicle even when you’re not there. With the additional investment in a hardwire kit, you unlock the full potential of this innovative feature, ensuring your dash cam remains vigilant, providing peace of mind and a watchful eye on your cherished vehicle.