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Are you currently looking to purchase a new dash cam? With so many options available, it can be difficult to decide which features are essential and which ones are just nice to have. In this blog post, we will discuss the top dash cam features you should look for when buying to help you make an informed decision.

High-Resolution Video Quality

The most important feature of a dash cam is video quality. Look for a dash cam that can record at least 1080p Full HD video, and preferably one that can record at 4K for even sharper and more detailed footage. This ensures that the recorded footage is clear and easy to see, even in low-light conditions.

Wide-Angle Lens

A wide-angle lens allows you to capture a wider view of the road and surrounding area, which is essential for capturing important details in case of an accident. Look for a dash cam with a lens that can capture at least a 120-degree field of view. With 150° wide-angle lens and 1080P backup camera, you can see the entire rear-view, helping you reverse the car into tight spots.

Night Vision

Accidents can happen at any time of day, so it’s important to have a dash cam with night vision capabilities. Look for a dash cam with infrared sensors or other technology that can capture clear footage even in complete darkness.

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GPS Tracking

Some dash cams come with built-in GPS tracking, which can be useful for recording the location and speed of your vehicle. This information can be helpful in case of an accident or to prove your innocence in a traffic violation case.


Wi-Fi and App Integration

Some dash cams come with built-in Wi-Fi, which allows you to connect to your smartphone or tablet and view or download footage directly. Look for a dash cam with an app that is easy to use and provides access to all of the dash cam’s features.

G-Sensor and Loop Recording

A G-sensor detects sudden movements or impacts and automatically saves the footage to a separate folder, so it’s not overwritten. Loop recording is also important because it ensures that the dash cam continues to record even when the memory card is full by automatically deleting the oldest footage and replacing it with new footage.

Parking Mode

Some dash cams come with a parking mode feature that activates the dash cam when the car is parked and detects movement or impact. This can be useful for recording accidents or theft attempts that happen when you’re not in the car.


The Pelsee P10 Pro mirror dash cam is packed with impressive features, including a 4K UHD front camera and HDR technology, allowing for clear and vivid images of everything that happens on the road. In addition to its excellent night vision, GPS tracking, G-sensor, and parking mode capabilities, the Pelsee P10 Pro mirror dash cam also boasts voice control and smart driving features. With hands-free voice control, controlling this rear view mirror camera is easy. Additionally, the Advanced Driver-Assistance System (ASDS) helps drivers with driving and parking functions while improving road safety through voice alerts. Best of all, this feature-packed device is surprisingly affordable, costing less than $100! Don’t miss out on the opportunity to own the Pelsee P10 Pro mirror dash cam and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with having a high-quality, feature-rich device for your car!

In conclusion, when buying a dash cam, make sure to prioritize video quality, a wide-angle lens, night vision, GPS tracking, Wi-Fi and app integration, G-sensor and loop recording, and parking mode. By considering these top features, you’ll be able to choose a dash cam that best suits your needs and provides you with peace of mind while on the road.